Whether your goal is to lose weight, to be more active, to tone, to have more energy, to gain or maintain eating clean is the way to go. I have been helping clients for 10 years now and I love my job as a Health, wellness and fitness coach. Let’s take hands, and help you to reach your wellness goals.

Welcome to #COACHZEE’S eating clean page

My name is Coach Zee, my mom started out as a wellness coach when I was seven years old. As I was growing up I saw how my mom helped the people around her, including her own family to make healthier choices. I fell in love with eating healthy and it soon became a passion of mine to follow in her footsteps. I have been helping people in my community for 10 years and love every moment of it. I am not a registered dietitian, just a girl who fell in love with nutrition and completed 3 short courses, and used my degree in Research Psychology to do the required research to assist my clients.

My philosophy is #consistency. I do not give my client’s just another ‘diet’, just another plan. I offer my clients a change in lifestyle. A plan that will enable you to reach your goal. My plan is easy and simple, and your family can follow it with you. The days of making special food for everyone is long gone.

I follow a 5-6 meals a day plan. Breakfast, lunch, supper and 2 to 3 snacks. This way you get in the protein your body needs, it lowers cravings by keeping your blood sugar levels stable and ensures that you have the energy you need daily

Join the #ROCKSTARS on their healthy journey.

What’s included in YOUR #ROCKSTAR experience

Access to Whatsapp support group and coaching*
Shopping list for healthy foods
Supper suggestions for 14 days to help you get started
Snack lists
Supplement recommendations
Weekly challenges
7-day short workout plan

Monthly subscription to my services and support

Monthly subscription of R350

*SPOTS for full experience are limited.

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