6 weeks into the new year and one of the first things being forgotten is the budget you drew up when the year started. In the beginning, it is no fun, and I could think of a million other things to do instead of working on my budget and checking in weekly, but I quicklyContinue reading “HOW TO STICK TO YOUR NEWLY DRAFTED BUDGET”

Budget your way to wealth in 2021

So…how much money do you spend in a single year on umbrella hats, you may say nothing and that could be true, but it might also not be, how sure can you really be without any form of a budget? Yeah, we know, setting up a budget sounds about as fun as doing the cinnamonContinue reading “Budget your way to wealth in 2021”

I demand a do-over, 2020 did not count

With the new year upon us, we are posed the obvious question; what are your new years’ resolutions? You might, however, be asking yourself; do I dare to set goals for this year? 2020 left a somewhat bitter taste for some, challenged others and brough most of us to our knees. It has had itsContinue reading “I demand a do-over, 2020 did not count”